Bufalo mozzarella, basil and tomato € 8,00

Quiche lorraine vegetarian in a creamy sauce € 8,00

Beef carpaccio, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and parmesan shape€ 12,00

Selection of bruschetta different flavor € 11,00

Carne salada rolled filled of soft cheese in a bed of spinach € 8,00

Traditional crescentine served with selection of salumi IGP, fresh and seasoning cheese, crispy vegetables in oil, deep fried bread € 13,00

Selection of seasoning and fresh cheese followed by homemade jam€ 12,00

First courses

Fresh eggs pasta in a meat bolognese sauce € 10,00

Gramigna straw and hay dough served in a sausage sauce € 9,00

Filled pasta with fresh ricotta cheese, spinach in a white butter and fine herbs € 11,00

Layers of fresh pasta with besciamella sauce and meat sauce€ 11,00

Tortellini in capon broth € 13,00

Nettle tagliatelle with bacon and zucchini€ 10,00

Eggs tagliolini with ham, fresh mint, lemon zest€ 11,00

Risotto blue cheese and pear€ 11,00

Eggs tagliolini crudaiola served in a raw sauce cherry tomatoes, basil and mozzarella€ 11,00

Second courses

Our mixed grilled meat € 30,00

Tom Hawk steak € 4,00 per hectogram

Beef angus fillet on the grill€ 18,00

Fresh veal chop with seasoning salt€ 15,00

Beef angus tagliata in a bed of rucola, parmesan and balsamic reduction€ 16,00

Our special traditional pork mixed grill€ 14,00 per hectogram

Roast beef with chopped crispy vegetables€ 16,00

Cutlet petroniana style served with ham, parmesan in a creamy sauce€ 14,00


Desserts of the house€ 5,00

Selection of ice cream€ 5,00

Lemon sorbet with or without alcool€ 5,00

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